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There are over 100 free web page backgrounds downloads on the pages listed in the directory.

Dog Breeds
Web page backgrounds
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Dog breeds web page backgrounds headers buttons over 175 breeds.

Over 175 Breeds of dogs

Web page backgrounds from your Logo

Have you considered having web page backgrounds or headers and buttons webpage graphics made from your logo? A great way to stylize your logos.

Have you considered a web page backgrounds from your logo? visit our logos page.

Click on the pig to go check it out!

fun and novelty children's web page backgrounds - very colourful made for children.
Fun & Novelty Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Cat web page backgrounds graphics index page.
Cats Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Dog web page backgrounds - Headers - Buttons Index over 175 breeds
Dogs Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Wildlife and animal graphics web page backgrounds downloads.
Animal Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Scottish Tartan web page backgrounds index page
Tartans Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Bird web page backgrounds owls kingfishers, kestrel, kites, parrots and lots more
Birds Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Peter Rabbit email backgrounds from the original drawings by Beatrix Potter
Peter Rabbit

The Characters of Beatrix Potter web page backgrounds of paintings - drawings Index
Beatrix Potter Index
Web Page Backgrounds

Famous People web page backgrounds Index page
Famous People
Web Page Backgrounds

flowers and plants web page backgrounds - a variety of flower and leaf backgrounds.
Flowers Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Horse lover web page backgrounds headers and buttons Index Page
Horses Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Baseball web page backgrounds headers and buttons page
Baseball Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Fishing web page backgrounds from works of Victorian natural history artists.
Fishing Index Page
Web Page Backgrounds

Fine Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery Artist Index Alphabetical

Fine Art Gallery by Subject Alphabetical

Search Party Graphics now has its now own Fine Art Gallery A wide selection of Limited Edition Works of Art. Serigraphs, Lithographs, Cartoon Sericels and original cartoon Cels.

Pink Panther animation Cels - Original hand painted cels used in the production of the Pink Panther Cartoons. - the production pencil drawings are included with some cels.

The Flintstones - Woody Woodpecker - Popeye and Olive - Betty Boop. - Pink Panther - Speedy & Sylvester cartoons are all available in the Gallery.

A Photo Montage Signed by The Boxer Ken Norton Montage celebrates 1973 when he earned the NABF heavyweight from Muhammad Ali.

Valter Morais artistic, imaginative and carefree world.

Ester Myatlov creates surreal musical desert scenes.

Michael Rozenvain dazzles the eye with colour and poise.

William Nelson Western and Native American images.

Henry Miller usually associated with his books eg. Tropic of Cancer.

Allan Mardon hailed as one of the finest Sports Artists.

Jewelry & Gift Store

mare and foal

Silver Animal Necklaces, Pendants and Charms

Gorillas to Dinosaurs, Snakes, horses, lions and bees, and not forgetting the three wise monkeys.

silver earrings page

Silver Animal Earrings
Animal earrings including dolphins, pigs, zebras, swans, eagles and many more.

silver hearts angels and crosses jewelry

Hearts, Crosses, Crucifixes, Angels & Saints
All the jewelry on this page are hearts, crosses, crucifixes, angels or saints.

silver bracelets page

Sterling Silver Bracelets some with semi precious stones jewelry.

link for Playboy jewellery page

Playboy jewelry
today they have become a romantic symbol enjoyed by youngsters and adults.

The Links Pages Index
Lots to see and do here see 'Wombainia or the 'Rattery' or maybe your interest lie with the black bear.

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Awards Pages
The Search Party's awards - maybe you would like to apply for some of these awards for your site. Pages are no longer maintained but have been left for those who may be interested.

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