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free fun and novelty web page background downloads- this is where you will find holiday backgrounds and also cartoon backgrounds, very colourful made with children in mind.

Cat web page backgrounds - web backgrounds made from works of artists such as knip, wain, and boulanger. Other made from vintage postcards and advertising. This collection is presently being re-worked

Dog backgrounds - These backgrounds are based mainly on the works of animal artists various breeds are shown including afghans, briard, bulldog, collie and more.

free animal and wildlife background downloads - All sorts of animals from lions and tigers through to snakes, insects owls and parrots varying from update to update.

A collection of email staionary, web backgrounds and wallpaper made from the bird drawing of Edward Lear. Includes Owls, Eagles and Parrots.

Bird backgrounds downloads - Bird lovers will find Tawny and Barn owls together with a falcon, kestrel and hawk. Also a hyacinth parrot, linnet and a pelican.

Horse lover backgrounds downloads - backgrounds made from works of art by artists such as Bonheur, Thiele stubbs etc.

Peter Rabbit email backgrounds made from the original drawings by Beatrix Potter

Frederic Remington's Western Americans - backgrounds made from the works of Remington who spent many years recording the opening up of western America in paintings and other illustrations.

Native American Indian backgrounds made from the original drawings by Karl Bodmer

free flowers and plants backgrounds downloads - a variety of flower and leaf backgrounds includes roses, herbs, poppies and orchids.

A super collection of Redoute's roses taken from prints of the 1800's.

A superb collection of Orchids taken from prints of the 1700's onwards.

Baseball backgrounds downloads - backgrounds made from tobacco cards, art prints and other sources. Includes Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Johnson and Welch.

Fishing backgrounds made from the works of various victorian natural history artists and other illustrations.

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Search Party Graphics
Pet & Animal Site Awards Pages

A big thank you to everyone for these awards. Thank you for giving your time to access sites and giving us your views on SPG's web page backgrounds. These are much appreciated.

The people who give up their time to run award schemes offer an invaluable service to the web community. Without them giving us the benefit of their knowledge it would be much more difficult to learn and progress in this new medium. For myself each time I am getting ready to rework my pages I like to apply for awards, the advice gained I can then use to improve the site. Subject to, understanding and being able to implements their suggestions - html for instance is a minefield and one my head certainly refuses to bend around. :o)

When applying for an award I look first at the site made by the person offering the award. Some of these sites have superb design and content and are a shinning example to us all. Others offer something really unique or are very helpful and have lots of useful resources. Many I just plain liked the personality of the award giver as it came across on their site. These sites are all worthy of a visit.

These awards are placed in no particular order as I feel that they are all special, Rated or unrated, Gold or Merit. I value them all.

Search Party Graphics web page backgrounds has retired its awards activities but I have left the pages up on line for those who are interested in participating in award schemes.

We All need Understanding and Support for many reasons in our life time. The Loss of a beloved Pet is one of the hardest times we may have. We    are here to offer that Understanding and Support to let you know you don't have to grieve alone after a Pet Loss.

The backgrounds you create are great.  Keep up the good work.
It is an honor to give you our Tribute To Pets Award.
Sorry this link is no longer working

Family Fun with a Puppy Flavor.- Dogs - Animals - E-MusicBoxes Send A Smile :), Games - Links - Free Stuff - WebMaster Money Makers - Shopping - And More!!! :) Thank you Zookeeper's Dogs house for featuring The Search Party as your site of the week. Oct 8th-Oct 15th 2003.

Your wonderful worldwide web site, The Search Party ,will be a Zookeeper's Pet/Favorite for the week of Oct.08.2003 to Oct.15.2003
Jia En & Dixie's Cosy Cottage Of Dogs and small furries...This is a place for everybody, especially pet lovers, to have fun! We hope you'll enjoy your stay and have a nice day! See ya!

Hi! We have visited your site and we think its simply great! So here's our Dixie's Golden Puppy Award!
This link is no longer working.
Purpose of MPEAP Award Program, is to recognize those International sites of outstanding quality in content and design. There are 10 awards: Elite, MBEAP Excellence Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit, for comercial and personal sites. MBEAP Gold, Silver and Bronze; for personal sites with literary, artistic or educational content; and the Excellence and Pet awards.
This link is no longer working.
Weipowa Weimaraners located in Melbourne Australia, breeding top quality Weimaraners for show or pets.

We paw checked your site and its wonderful, we will keep checking back for updates. SOOOOOOO!!!!!
Congratulations, You've won Jess & Conan's Paws Of Approval Award!
Personal homepage about us, Sweden and Palestine, Greater Swiss Mountaindogs and Entlebucher Mountaindogs, 
award program,Breed information,fishing.

I have now been visiting your site and you have a nice place and a lot of animals, so I give you my silver and best friend award for all your work.
Sorry this link is no longer working

We've got 2 dachshunds, a black lab mix, and one basset hound!  Pet links, dog sites, awards, and pictures!

Congratulations!  We've decided you're site is PAW-SOME and we're sending you the Awesome Pet Site award
This link is no longer working.
Do go to this site and check out the Kaonan animated graphics they are really super
on the Logo To Win My Sweet Milu Site Award!
Sorry this link is no longer working. 
Penmarric Cornish Rex 
Large comprehensive website offering all you would ever want or need to know about the domestic cat. Includes sections on cat-care, interesting trivia, a fun section, breed descriptions, awards, book reviews, memorials, an advice column, games and a special place just for kids.

Our judges have all visited your site, and have found it interesting, informative and a pleasure to surf through.
You have won our BRONZE award.
Sorry this sites is no longer working 
Come visit Joshci and the rest of the family

My little dog JOSCHI and I have just visited your site
and we really like it. That means you have won
Joschi's *Family Site Award*. Congratulations!
This link is no longer working.
A pet is such a special friend, A friend in many ways.
Sharing love and companionship, Just looking for your praise.
The clever things they often do, Bring a smile to your face;
And so to them I dedicate, This small but special place... 

Attached is Biscuit's Blue Ribbon Award!!  Your site is really great!!!
This link is no longer working.
This is a very special award as it is only given out if Suzanne and her little pals really like your site - It cannot be applied for.

I'd also like to give you my Gold award
Link no longer working - Homepage of The Seaville English Setters, Northern Area of English Setter Rescue,UK

Your site is stunning, I could sit and look all day.  The work involved is tremendous.
Welcome to Jasper's Home! Jasper is my 5 year old Shih Tzu. Feel free to browse through 
Jasper's links, see photos of Jasper, learn all about Jasper and meet Joey B., my talking parakeet! We also have some  Friends' Pictures and webpages for you to visit! Awards to Win! Fun Stuff to Do!  And a lot more!
The ugly dog creature,Bruno is the most ugly dog you have ever seen.There are some cool links and some neat stuff on his page.Stop in,laugh your head off!You will be GLAD you did.He is the Creature Dog of the 21st century.


I did enjoy my visit to your site .....Yours has some of the best graphics I have come across....keep up the excellent work.
Purchase pet supplies at discount prices. Pet supplies including flea tick, heartworm, intestinal worm treatment.


Congratulations and thank you for submitting your website to the Pet Shed award program. We have reviewed your site and determined that it is outstanding and qualifies for an award.
This link is no longer working. 
Tinypals.com - Chihuahua's & Siamese

I really enjoyed my visit to your site.
I spent quite some time there and you offer a great service for web sites.
This link is no longer working. 
Tiny Pals also awarded The Search Party their Kids Safe Award - Thank you Tiny Pals

Producing Weimaraners with correct conformation, health and temperament.

Thank you Vicky for inviting us to view The Search Party.
Your talent shines through each pages.
We would be honoured if you would
accept our Weis-Awards Merit Award

Meet Gypsy The Red Chihuahua - Chihuahuas, Chihuahua Pictures and Chihuahua Dogs in creative themed pages with a wealth of information for all animal lovers!

I have reviewed your pages and found them to be a positive contribution to the web.
My compliments to you on your very pretty backgrounds and graphics. I enjoyed looking at them!

TheButterflySite.com Award - #1 Source of Butterfly Information on the Internet! We have: Monarch butterfly info, butterfly pictures, butterfly gardens, butterfly clip art, butterfly life cycle info, butterfly release companies, everything butterfly!
 - Laudation - We have visited your website and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. CONGRATULATIONS
Sorry this link is no longer working

I have visited your site and you have done a great job.  The hard work and dedication you have put forth is very evident.  Your site is well designed and easily navigated.  I am very pleased to present you with my Best Pet Site.
This link is no longer working. 
Don't be puzzled by the Internet!  Nu-Horizons Design Studio offers the best in customer service and web site design, logo development, banner illustrations and unique animations.   Nu-Horizons Design Studio also provides widespread services relevant to desktop publishing and graphic design.

We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and devoted content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Favorite Pet Award.
Your website is a winner! We really enjoyed visiting your wonderful site and would be honored if you would except our award.
Sorry link for Tails A Wagging no longer works

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